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for sale. Sales of Vintage Stereo Equipment. Find the finest classic Audio Gear at tandberg 3014 Högtalare, Audiofil, Däck, Svarta Män, Tecnologia Tandberg TCD 3014A Vintage Cassette Deck in Consumer Electronics, TV, Video & Home  Tandberg TCD 3014 3Head/3Motor Tape Deck with Dyneq, Actilinear Recording, Dolby B,C,S and HX Pro. Klassisk Rock, Däck, Elektronik, Vintage, Nostalgia.

Tandberg tcd 3014

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Advertisement. General information[contribute]. The Tandberg TCD-3014-A is a cassette deck in the tape deck category. It was manufactured from 1998 to  Kit 5 para Tandberg TCD 3014 a tape Deck cassette Deck. Totalmente nuevo. 57 ,85 EUR. ¡Cómpralo ya!

価格不明(1987年頃?) 解説.

TANDBERG TCD-3014 Винтаж, Аудио, Магнитофон

TCD 3014 A with the rest of the Series 3000 A line. and a cassette locking mechanism which guarantees accurate positioning of the tape every time.

Tandberg tcd 3014

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Tandberg tcd 3014

マイクロプロセッサーコントロール機能を採用したカセットデッキ。 エレクトロニクス部はドルビーic(b、c)を除いて全てディスクリートで構成されています。 2019-10-17 · Photo: AudioCirc St. George Redux: Introduced in 1984, the Tandberg TCD 3014 tape deck earned the nickname “Dragon slayer” because it was designed to take on the Nakamichi Dragon, the most advanced tape deck in the world at the time. Se hela listan på Кассетная дека Tandberg TCD 3014.

The first is Dyneq, a dynamic-equalization circuit that automatically adjusts the amount of treble boost applied to the tape during recording. Dyneq was developed to maximize the high-frequency storage capacity of the cassette medium. Tandberg TCD 3014 Last call for Tandberg Radiofabrikk high-end before the split leading to Tandberg Audio and then to the end. Unlike the monster TCD 3004, the TCD 3014A is still regarded as one of the best CC recorders ever produced.
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TCD-3014 i njegova blago modernizovana verzija „A“ imaju na netu kultni status kod svojih ljubitelja. Zovu ih „ubicama Dragona“ itd., neki navode kako je to ubedljivo najbolji dek ikada napravljen. Izgled i dizajn deka. Njegov izgled je lepota u svoj ružnoći. Ønsker å kjøpe Tandberg Tcd 3004 / 3014. Tandberg TCD 3004 / 3014 ol. Köpes av NILS HINDRUM..

ONE LEFT (source) pinch roller used in  TCD-3014Aの画像. TANDBERG TCD-3014A. 価格不明(1987年頃?) 解説. マイクロプロセッサーコントロール機能を採用したカセットデッキ。 エレクトロニクス  Tandberg TCD 3014 A. Mój 3014A. W znakomitym stanie technicznym. Nigdy żadnego decka nie kupiłem w tak doskonałej kondycji. Просто Тандберг… Норвежский танк))) 3 раздельные головки, 2 вала, могучая 4-х моторная механика ручная калибровка уровня и тока  TANDBERG TCD - 3014.
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Preview of TANDBERG TCD 3014 A [2nd page] Tandberg; TCD-3014; Tandberg TCD-3014. Below you will found our manuals on the Tandberg TCD-3014. The TCD-3014 was first manufactured in 1982. The owners manual is used as an reference guide, instruction manual and instruction book. What Tandberg has done in the design of the TCD 3014 deck is to translate its exacting standards from the professional realm of open-reel recorders to the popular cassette medium. Related: tandberg 3014a tandberg 440 nakamichi dragon tandberg cassette deck tandberg 3012 tandberg tcd 3014 nakamichi cr7 tascam 122 tandberg cassette marantz 5220 tandberg 3004 nakamichi zx-9 Include description Azimuth belts for the 3014, 3004, 910 and 911 sells for $24.31 . Inner or Outer Flywheel belts for the 3014, 3004, 910 and 911 sell for $12.14 each - specify which you need - we recommend replacing BOTH at once.

1986. Last call for Tandberg Radiofabrikk high-end before the split leading to Tandberg Audio and then to Manual Library / Tandberg. Tandberg TCD 3014. Stereo Cassette Recorder (1983-94) (2 reviews) Specifications. Type: 3-head, single compact cassette deck. tandberg tcd-3014. unit works in play mode, ff, rew, stop.
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This Tandberg TCD 3014 is a stereo cassette deck with Dolby B and C noise reduction, it was first sold by Tandberg in 1982 with a recommended retail price of USD $1,395 and discontinued 3 years later in 1985. Tandberg TCD 3014 Tandberg TCD 3014A. november 1983. 1986.

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